"The will of the deceased is the mirror of the living."

A loved one or relative has passed away leaving you and other relatives an apartment, a house or a bank account in Italy and you don’t know what to do now to settle the inheritance?

You wonder how much inheritance tax you have to pay and what deadlines you have to consider? 

You would like to know what inheritance rate you are entitled to?

The first question that always arises is whether German or Italian law applies. Until now, German inheritance law applied to German citizens and Italian law to Italians. Since the EU Inheritance Regulation came into force in 2015, the habitual residence of the deceased is now the decisive factor. If this was in Germany, German law applies, if this was in Italy, Italian law applies. 

Once this aspect has been clarified, the inheritance tax return must be submitted to the Italian tax office in due time – this requires extensive research into the estate assets. In addition, a substitute declaration (Dichiarazione sostitutiva dell’atto di notorietà) must be prepared or a European Certificate of Succession must be applied for, as there is no certificate of inheritance in Italy. 

The legal succession differs in Italian law from the German one.

This all sounds very complicated; we are specialized in German-Italian inheritance law; we will examine your inheritance matter and show you how to proceed. We will help you with the filing of the inheritance tax return up to the handling of the transfer of the property in the cadastre.

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